Série: Arcon 2025

The summum of excellence !

There is nothing comparable to this unique door. Standard or customized, with a 6” metal box, a 7 1/4¨ wood box with interior and exterior extruded cladding, or a 9 1/4¨ wood box with interior aluminum or vinyl cladding and exterior extruded cladding. All the components of the Arcon 2025 door are completely made of extruded aluminum and each has thermal breaks.

Several choices of glass are available. Regardless of whether it is double or triple, tempered glass is always used, according to standards. Tinted and energy efficient glass with Argon gas are applied to ensure greater comfort. For harmonization, grids can be integrated between the glass panels. Unlike walls, glass allows solar energy to enter the home, thus ensuring a free energy source in winter, which compensates for the heat loss through a Sliding door.

The exclusive extrusions are knurled. This operation consists of fastening the thermal breaks in the extruded shapes by moving a striated cylindrical component activated by a moving mechanism. Knurling is followed by compression of the thermal breaks by a crimper (a machine tool exclusive to Arcon Portes et Fenêtres). The fastened and compressed thermal breaks offer a unique and incomparable seal against water and air infiltration. The addition of multiple weatherstripping validates the superiority of this door.

The aluminum structure is presented in a choice of standard colours, white for the interior and white, commercial brown and light bronze for the exterior (all Gentek colours are available on request). To harmonize the interior design and the exterior finish, a combination of two different colours is offered. All the colours are available in a weather-resistant Duracron finish..

The Arcon 2025 door has only two panels (one sliding and one fixed). Authentic cross beams or insulated panels in embossed steel can be installed in the panels, giving this door a tailored look. The sliding panel is mounted on adjustable nylon tandem rollers, sliding on stainless steel rails. Together, these components allow effortless opening or closing of the panel, in a progressive, uninterrupted movement. The combination of these materials ensures that the Arcon 2025 door is exceptionally durable.

Another component of the Arcon 2025 Sliding door is a screen installed outside, in an aluminum frame exclusive to Arcon Portes et Fenêtres. It slides on four adjustable nylon rollers for a smooth operation. This sash comes in nylon or aluminum webbing. A bar installed horizontally in the screen will keep out intruders.

The Arcon 2025 also stands out from the competition by the use of glazing beads that hold the thermal panes in the glazing channels. Use of these removable mouldings greatly speeds up the replacement of a thermal pane. To increase corrosion resistance and premature wear, the sliding door threshold passes through an anodizing process. Highly secure, the Arcon 2025 door has a metal rod locking device, in accordance with the multi-bolt locking system. The handle comes with an outdoor key lock and an indoor lever latch.

When it is time to buy or replace a door, there can only be one choice: the Arcon 2025. Depending on the evaluation of the size required, the door can be standard or adapted to your dimensions. Its panels have the highest air and water tightness levels, thanks to its rolled thermal break and the juxtaposition of multiple weatherstripping in the thermal barrier and the seal.

Luxurious, contemporary, anticorrosive, ultraresistant and secure with its multi-point anchoring, this door outperforms anything available in the industry and comes with a written warranty.